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Our favorite local riding area

"Dirt World" motocross track video
Favorite riding place video #1
Favorite riding place video #2
Click on text to see picture

Luke jumping the Big double at Dirt World motocross track

Video Luke jumping the Big double at Dirt World motocross track

Video Mike jumping the Big double at Dirt World motocross track

Mike jumping the "Jaw breaker" at Spring Valley motocross track

A good day at Fox Raceway - we won 7 plaques

links below here not added yet
Luke jumping the "Jaw breaker" at Spring Valley motocross track
Pat jumping the triple at Spring Valley motocross track
Don jumping the "Jaw breaker" at Spring Valley motocross track

Luke's Racing is a motocross engine shop in Western Pa. (about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh). We have just officially opened for business in March 2001.
The owner (myself)/(Mike Heaney), started MX racing in 1975 on a Harley Davidson 100c.c."Baha". In 1976 I was employed full time as a construction equipment mechanic and did all the service and repairs on my "76" CR 125 Elsinore. Over the years I have been involved in amateur MX, harescrambles, dirt drags and hillclimbs.

At age 40 I still do a little moto cross racing in the Senior class but mostly ride at the local strip mines with my brother Don, his son Pat and my son Luke. Pat and Luke both started riding at age 5. Both are still actively racing in 250 A (Pat) and 4 stroke class (Luke).

I started out as a full time mechanic in 1975 and to date I have 32 years experience in the mechanic/welding/machinist field. I have worked on bikes, cars, trucks, construction equipment, gas and diesel engines. From 1/4 horsepower weed wacker motors to 6000 horsepower train engines. I have worked as a mechanic, welder and machinist for Construction and Trucking Companys, worked for Sheflers Speed Shop in New Castle, PA, and presently work for General Electric in their railroad engine plant.

Over the years I have experimented with many different engine modifications, I have experimented with Nitrous oxide injection, alcohol, Nitro-methane, turbo chargers and superchargers, porting and flow testing heads, different camshafts and different cam timing, multi-spark distributers, dual spark plugs, tuned intake and exhaust systems. On 2 strokes I have built my own pipes, modified port timing, added booster ports, changed combustion chamber shapes, compression ratio, and squish bands. modified power valves, different reed valves, and Ceramic coated pistons. I have worked on piston port, reed, case reed, and rotary valve 2-strokes. Almost all modern bikes are now case reed valve motors. Their have been some that used a combination like the early Suzuki RM's that used a piston port and a case reed, and Can-Am used 2 carburetors one on a rotary valve and one on a case reed.

Hopefully this varied experience and experimenting will help to run a successful business. I have done the trial and error experimenting on my own engines, so you don't have to be the "guinea pig". If your looking for parts or performance gains from your MX bike email or call. Imformation and advice are free and parts and service are reasonable. Thank You Mike


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