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CNC Ported Heads

Available for CRF150R and YZ250F call for information on other models


Price: $550 includes disassembly, CNC porting and polishing, new valve seals, resurfacing, and reassembly

In the past CNC Porting was used mostly for Formula 1 and NASCAR.
We now offer CNC ported Heads for Dirtbikes and ATV's.

We took our best hand ported head and had it digitized the dimensions for CNC replication. The CNC Machine does not make the porting job better. The most important advantage of CNC porting is that it duplicates the porting job exactly the same every time. Jobs that are not done on CNC machine will be hand ported by "Luke".

Although the CNC machine is very efficient at machining the ports quickly and exactly the same every time is is not very practical for polishing work. The main advantage of polishing the combustion chamber and exhaust ports are to prevent carbon build up. This step of the porting is still down by hand. Intake ports are finished with a light grit sanding then glass bead blasted. Flow testing has shown that Bead blasting does not decrease air flow but it does help prevent "puddling of fuel" which is fuel droplets that can form on a polished surface. See links below to read about this equipment and its advantages.

Brand new stock head___________New stock head with CNC Machined ports_____ CNC Machined ports and hand polishing

Click here to see a video of the Centroid CNC head porting machine

Click here to read about the Centroid CNC head porting machine

here is a quote from "Until just a few years ago, the Serdi was often seen as the state-of-the-art machine and was most used by the top pro racing shops. These days, there is a new player on the block when it comes to generating high-tech seat designs-the single-point-tool CNC Newen machine"

Click here to read the article about the Newen CNC valve seat cutting machine on