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2 Stroke Engine Labor

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Call or email for shipping details and a ROUGH estimate of turnaround time and pricing.

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We are not a "general repair shop". Our labor prices are a bit higher due to our highly experienced staff and demands for our specialty products, service availability is very limited.We take our time to ensure that we provide our customers with high quality service, turn around times are estimated and may vary. Engine services are "as is" no warranty, any defective items must be returned promptly for inspection. If your engine fails during race season we are not liable for any missed races under any circumstances. We reserve the right to refuse service, we will not service any engines that have been disassembled. Any disputes that arise as a result of products or services received must adhere to the laws of Pennsylvaniawith a venue in Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Bottom End rebuild $350 - split the cases and reassemble

Top End rebuild $75 - remove and reinstall the piston, cylinder, and head on the bottom end

Cylinder Boring $60 - Bore, hone, and chamfer the ports

Cranshaft Service $80 - press and true new connecting rod in the crankshaft (rod kit not included)

Cylinder Head Repair(includes resurfacing) $50-100 - repair damage caused by detonation or engine debris

Porting and Polishing(cylinder and head) $150 - Click here for details

Case Modification(big bore and/or stroker) $100 - Add to the cost of bottom end rebuild($350) unless customer sends bare cases(disassembled)

Case Trenching(stroker) $100 - Add to the cost of bottom end rebuild($350) unless customer sends bare cases(disassembled)

Cylinder Head modification(stroker) $75 - Modify cylinder head for Big Bore/Stroker


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