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Phatheads Racing Heads
(20% off has already been applied on these heads)
Our price is $250.00 for the 85's, 125's and 250's
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The Phathead racing heads are very similar in design to the Prodesign "coolheads". Like the cool heads the phatheads have interchangeable combustion chambers, allow you to easily change compression and they use o-rings in place of the head gasket.

More horsepower, Better Cooling, Modify Power Band
Phathead sets, with their interchangeable combustion chambers, allow you to easily customize your motor’s power band. All Phathead sets include a Phathead body, two domes (combustion chambers) o-rings, coolant hose fittings, head nuts, copper washers, all necessary hardware and installation instructions. The Phathead sets include one dome closest to stock compression and one dome the next step higher. This is the best selection for most riders. For the more experienced motor builders or motorcycles used at higher altitudes there are several other dome sizes available. All Phathead sets use an o-ring seal therefore you do not use a head gasket with the Phathead sets.