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KX250F or RMZ250 262cc 79mm Big Bore kit

262cc Big bore kit: Fits all years KX250F or RMZ250. Includes: Bored and Nikasil plated cylinder, 13.2-1 compression 79mm Wiseco piston kit(piston,rings,pin and clips) and cometic gasket set (head and base gasket). $415.00 exchange
If we have this kit in stock we can ship it right away for $565.00 then refund $150.00 when you send your old cylinder back for the $150.00 core charge. This means you have very little down time. Call to check availability. 724-528-4670

Also: We can ship right away if you pay with credit card. We can charge the $415.00 then do a $150.00 "authorization" on your card. The "authorization" does not charge to your card, it just puts a hold on the $150.00 We void the authorization when we get your cylinder.