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105cc Supermini kit(99.4cc kit pictured)

RM85 105cc Supermini Big Bore kit.
The kit includes: 105cc big bore (Nikasil plated) cylinder 53 mm bore. Cylinder head modified for the big bore piston. Wiseco Pro-lite 53mm piston, rings, pin and clips, top-end bearing and a top-end gasket set. This is a complete top-end. The bigger bore adds power all through the powerband. The combustion chamber of the head is modified for the big bore piston.

Total for the kit: $600.00 on your cylinder. We can ship right away if you pay with credit card. We can charge for the Kit then do a $550.00 "authorization" on your card. The "authorization" does not charge to your card, it just puts a hold on the $550.00 We void the authorization when we get your cylinder, head and powervalves. This means you have very little down time. Call to check availability. 724-528-4670
The Nikasil plating on our re-plated cylinders is a minimum of .004" thick as compared to the stock thickness of .001"-.002"