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RM100/KX 80/ KX 85/ KX 100 -> 107cc Big Bore kit

Fits KX 80, KX 85 or KX 100 and RM100 1998 through 2003. The kit includes: 107cc big bore (Nikasil plated) cylinder 54.50 mm bore. Cylinder head modified for the big bore piston. Wiseco Pro-lite 54.50mm piston, rings, pin and clips, top-end bearing and a top-end gasket set. This is a complete top-end. The exhaust port gets enlarged and polished, the transfer ports get the rough casting flaws removed and finished with a glass beaded finish. Removing casting flaws and polishing the exhaust port will gain significant power in midrange and top-end without loosing any low end power. The bigger bore adds power all through the powerband. The combustion chamber of the head gets polished also.

Total for the kit: $880.00 We will refund $280.00 if you send us your old cylinder, head and powervalve for the core charge. $600.00 on your cylinder. The Nikasil plating on our re-plated cylinders is a minimum of .004" thick as compared to the stock thickness of .001"-.002"

Add $80.00 if your powervalve is worn to bad to be re-used (when the kx powervalve gets worn to bad it will not close completely and in the open position it drops down to far) A worn powervalve hurts low end and top end power.