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CR85 - 105cc Ported Big Bore kit (2005 and up)
"NEW" Super mini Legal. Custom made Wiseco pro-lite 52.75mm piston kit.

Many kits claim to be 105cc kits. Check the bore size, this kit is 52.75mm bore with stock 47.8mm stroke gives 104.5cc. This kit is AMA legal for the Super mini class. CR85 2005-2007. The kit includes: 105cc big bore (Nikasil plated) cylinder 52.75 mm bore. Cylinder head modified for the big bore piston. Wiseco Pro-lite (Custom made) 52.75mm piston, rings, pin and clips, top-end bearing and a top-end gasket set. This is a complete top-end. The exhaust port has been enlarged and polished, the transfer ports and intake ports have had the rough casting flaws removed, slightly enlarged and finished with a glass beaded finish. The glass beaded finish helps prevent fuel/air separation but also allows good air flow. Removing casting flaws and polishing the exhaust port will gain significant power in midrange and top-end without loosing any low end power. The bigger bore adds power all through the powerband. The combustion chamber of the head is polished also. The Nikasil plating on our re-plated cylinders is a minimum of .004" thick as compared to the stock thickness of .001"-.002"

Total for the kit: $600.00 if you send us your old cylinder and head for the core charge. Or $900.00 and we will refund $300.00 when we get your old cylinder and head for the core charge. If we have the kit in stock we can ship right away if you pay with credit card. We can charge the $600.00 then do a $300.00 "authorization" on your card. The "authorization" does not charge to your card, it just puts a hold on the $300.00 We void the authorization when we get your cylinder and head.
Note: Custom made Replacement piston for this kit is $150.00. Replacement ring is $12.00 (we do keep both in stock)
Free UPS ground shipping.